Relationship maintenance using sex

It’s a question that has been asked among couples very often. People have always wondered what happens when the fun and games are over, or if there will ever be any more of it. If you’ve just had an amazing one-night stand with someone who you really enjoyed being around, then how do you maintain your relationship after it ends? Maintenance sex can take many forms. Some people want to continue having regular dates while others prefer not to see each other again. Whatever form you choose, remember that maintaining a healthy sexual relationship takes work! You need to find ways to keep things exciting and new in order to stay interested in your partner. Here are some ideas on how to get started…

Make sure you both still enjoy spending time together as much as before

One way to make this happen is to spend quality time alone with your partner instead of going out with friends. This gives you two options; either go somewhere quiet like a park or home where you won’t hear anyone else talking (or listening), or meet up at a place where everyone knows each other so no one will notice you’re there together. The advantage here is that you’ll have privacy and can talk about anything without worrying about anyone overhearing or witnessing what you say. Just because you’re in private doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel comfortable expressing yourself however. Try using role-playing techniques such as pretending to watch TV shows or movies you used to love watching together but haven’t seen recently, or pretend taking care of house chores etc. These may seem silly to start off with, but they help break down barriers between the two of you and give you something to look forward to doing together regularly.

Do activities you both enjoy

Whether you decide to try dancing lessons, enroll in martial arts classes, join a gym, learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, or whatever interests you, don’t forget to include your partner too. Doing something different from last time means that you’re all trying new experiences together which keeps things fresh and interesting. A change of scenery also helps. For example, I once took my girlfriend to her parents’ farmhouse in rural England – she’d never visited them before. We spent days exploring their gardens, fields and barns, getting dirty, eating delicious food we grew ourselves or bought from local markets, riding horses bareback, swimming in lakes nearby, walking along country lanes and even working on their old car engine. There was plenty of space to move around and explore our surroundings freely without feeling crowded by strangers or worried about bumping into someone unexpectedly. As well as making memories, these kinds of experiences help us to connect with our partners emotionally through shared memories, feelings and emotions. Try creating opportunities for yourselves to share those special moments together.

Give yourselves permission to experiment sexually

Sex isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does require proper communication and planning to avoid unwanted pregnancy/STD risks, emotional trauma and physical injury. And although most couples would agree that they’re happy with their current levels of intimacy, very few actually set aside time to discuss safer sex practices themselves. Most of us assume that we know enough already. But that could lead to problems later on if certain issues aren’t addressed now. Find out together what you both are open to experimenting with today, within reason. Take your time to figure out what feels right for both of you rather than rushing ahead blindly. In fact, many women tend to become aroused faster during intercourse than men, partly due to differences in hormone production. While you might think nothing of giving oral sex to your man, he probably wouldn’t mind receiving it himself. Or vice versa, maybe you’re fine with him masturbating in front of you, but you’d prefer not to show obvious signs of arousal unless you wanted him to stop. Watching other people having sex in real time can be good way to improve and learn. You can watch live sex and at the same time speak to your partner about new kinky things you see other people are doing and how they are having sex in real-time and great detail. Talking openly beforehand about what you both desire is important. Also consider discussing whether you’re okay with performing fellatio or cunnilingus on another person, especially if you’re uncomfortable with the idea. This may sound strange, but if done properly, it can heighten pleasure for both parties involved.

Keep track of progress

Keeping notes works wonders for helping you remember details from past times and plan future ones. Record your thoughts and observations about what worked well during previous encounters, what didn’t, why and what you hope to achieve next time. Then use these insights to inform your plans for the following session. Use color markers, sticky notes, post-it pads or similar items for recording information, and jot down specific questions and concerns you may wish to ask your lover or guide.

Be honest with yourselves and with each other

Although it can sometimes be tempting to lie about what you’re looking for, such deceptions only end badly for both parties concerned. Don’t worry though, honesty is usually best anyway – lying simply makes poor decisions easier. Tell your partner everything you intend to do during foreplay, penetration and orgasm. Explain what you want him/her to do for you, including verbal comments and signals. Discuss beforehand what you expect of his/her performance, body language, facial expression, breathing patterns, touching behavior, level of stimulation, speed and depth of thrusts, duration, frequency and type of sounds you’re willing to produce, length of ejaculation and so on. Once you reach agreement on all aspects of your encounter, write it down and stick it to the fridge door or mirror near your bed. Now every time you prepare for sleep, read through it and check that you’re both clear about what’s expected of each other.

Go beyond simple penetrative sex

Think outside the box when searching for creative ways to spice things up. Consider trying bondage or spanking scenes involving blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, sexy lingerie, costumes, candles, incense, shower gels, massage oils, vibrators, dildos, anal beads, nipple clamps, floggers, feathers, nun chucks and similar props. Experiment with masturbation positions, fantasies and fetishes. Masturbate together, play strip poker, role-play and incorporate kissing and fondling into your interactions. Add variety by engaging in sensual teasing, mutual masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionist scenarios and other kinks. Remember to communicate clearly with your partner what turns you both on first thing, and encourage discussion about fantasy fulfilment (including safe words).

Have realistic expectations and goals

When setting limits for yourself and your partner, bear in mind that porn often depicts unrealistic situations and behaviors which are impossible to replicate perfectly. Many male viewers fantasize that their penis size magically increases overnight whereas real growth involves months of hard graft. Porn stars often appear younger and fitter than average, whilst most normal older males would struggle to put on weight quickly let alone bulk up physically. Female performers often look better naturally endowed than most guys imagine, yet it requires hours of practice to master complex dance moves correctly. To fully appreciate female sexuality, men should study erotic literature, magazines, art and photography containing nude models, plus attend adult education courses, workshops and seminars. They must also understand that female arousal depends largely upon psychological factors and mental states related to their individual personalities, moods, desires, worries, fears, attitudes, beliefs, values and aspirations.

Practice patience

Allow time for exploration and learning. Men often complain that sex becomes boring after repeated sessions. Women experience boredom sometimes too but it’s worth remembering that sexual activity gets easier with practice. Even a novice can eventually gain confidence and stamina after several weeks of regular training. After a period of adjustment, both sexes gradually discover what works best for them individually in terms of intensity, rhythm, speed, pressure, consistency and response types. However, most men overestimate their ability to please a woman immediately, expecting immediate satisfaction. On the flip side, some women believe that they’re able to perform miracles with little or no instruction. Unfortunately, it rarely pans out that way, mainly because inexperienced lovers lack knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology. Both sides need guidance from experts and trial and error. Everyone needs to be aware that sex starts building momentum towards climax long before actual penetration occurs. By focusing entirely on pleasing their partner, women risk missing key elements of pleasurable sex altogether. Likewise, men often rush straight into penetration without first establishing rapport and trust with their partners.

Talk afterwards

Share feedback and suggestions for improvement. Ask for ongoing reassurance that you’re appreciated and cared for. Encourage openness and frankness regarding personal preferences and limitations. Sharing intimate secrets with your loved one allows you to express your true selves safely without fear of judgement. Express yourself honestly to improve your own enjoyment of sex. You can even suggest changing bedroom furniture or lighting, introducing toys, switching roles or encouraging experimentation. If you’ve got kids, you can teach them about sex too. Children will respond far better to discussions on healthy relationships than crude jokes or images shown in films and TV shows. Parents should explain to children what sex entails, showing respect for human dignity and bodily integrity. Educate young boys about respecting girls’ boundaries, treating them gently and seeking parental approval prior to starting sexual relations. Girls should learn self-respect, good manners and etiquette, knowing when to refuse offers of casual sex.

Enjoy life together

Having sex frequently doesn’t guarantee happiness. Your relationship will grow stronger and healthier the longer

How girls expose self respect-less

The low self-esteem of the woman always plays with her a mean joke. Some constantly fight against complexes, others do not find happiness, constantly stumbling about depreciation of and the opportunities. The psychologist told how the woman shows that it agrees to disrespect herself.

She can attract men who do not appreciate women

The woman who does not appreciate herself will allow love interests to depreciate her. She can choose lovers who come and leave her life or will treat her carelessly, without respect. Because she wants love, she can sometimes give way to sexual harassments or agree to an accidental relationship, feeling that it is a way to find “love”. She can easily forgive all types of ill treatment or even violence, feeling the taken imagination about a nonexistent image of the lover who upon is other person.

Because she feels a deep wound inside and is eager for love, it does it vulnerable. Though the attention and charm can leave at her feeling that she met the man of the dream, these dreams can be destroyed when such love interest appears the abuser, the apostate, the tyrant or disappears for several weeks. As she hopes that the imagination is real, she often too easily forgives or shares the interests of the man. To begin to appreciate itself, it is necessary to be selective.

She is afraid “to shake the boat”

Women who do not appreciate themselves can be afraid to shake the boat in the relationship. Because of it they can is not able to stand adequately for themselves, when necessary, or to resist to situations face to face. Using an example of where the man enters and leaves her life, it can even not ask it where it was or why it disappeared, being afraid that it can force it to want a distance again. Unfortunately, the behavior she shows others that they can do with her everything that want. Whatever offensive or humiliating their actions would be, she will always be near. Such woman does not expect that will treat her better, and is content with she will get what. To overcome this dynamic, it should stand for itself.

She underestimates the man’s level because is afraid to feel below him

To the woman who does not appreciate herself, can be difficult to present herself with the man who is devoted to the business and is successful in life and a relationship. The thought of an appointment with such man can cause fear. If such woman plunged into this fear more deeply, she could find out that it is fear to feel defective in comparison with such man who, according to her, more likely will reject her. To the woman who does not appreciate herself, can be easier to enter a relationship with the man whom she considers defective or who cannot or will not undertake the obligation. The unemployed drinking even prisoners – widespread interests at quite self-sufficient, beautiful women, unfortunately. Meetings with such men raise its self-assessment. It is because she can idealize that she plays a role of the rescuer. When such men refuse to change the way of life, she can feel the victim, accusing such men of disappointment which she feels. This dynamic is unhealthy because it feeds imagination that one person in a relationship is higher, and another – below. The woman in such relationship can switch between feeling of the inferiority in comparison with the man who will not change for her, and at the same time superiority over it.

blonde girl with insecure boyfriend

7 things which are demanded only by insecure men

The standard idea of the ideal partner is a charismatic man, clever, self-sufficient, with sense of humor and surely self-assured. Many women idealize the men and when face their personal uncertainty, plunge into full disappointment from the partner. Sometimes the male uncertainty comes so far that does life of the woman just intolerable near such partner.

What signs of the insecure men can woman notice?

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modern women

Picture of Modern Woman

Things are changing, and together with them also the image of the ideal woman changes. If earlier in a registry office conducted good hostesses, then on the first place absolutely other qualities now.

Modern residents of megalopolises do not hurry to marry – in the beginning they enjoy the free no strings attached relationships, then accumulate experience, live together. Perhaps, women are also glad to go to the aisle, but grooms delay this moment as long as possible.

The statistics shows that many of them for the first time get married being 35−37 years old. And they want to see near themselves not the just good hostess, the wife and mother. Requirements grew, and for a happy marriage of it it is already not enough.

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surprised girl

I Found Live Sex Shows Site on My Boyfriend’s Computer History!

First, I should tell you that I and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year and just last couple of months we are officially in boyfriend and girlfriend status. It started to get serious very soon and after few months of dating he was already living with me in my mom’s house with me. However, he was working 4 hours of driving from my home and was living only during the weekends. Just recently, couple of weeks ago, we moved in to our own place and since then everything has been great till this happened. I came home after work in the middle of the week and there was a link opened on the computer with loaded live sex chat models list. I rushed to ask him about that because it really bothered me. I knew he was watching porn and I have no problem with that, but it was live interaction with girls – that’s what bothered me.

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change hair color

How my girl going from brunette to blonde changed my life

Once I had a drama. No, even tragedy.

I waited for the visit of the girlfriend. Dark-haired knave, lover of extreme love entertainments. Bought wine and any fruit. Washed up floors. Replaced bed linen.
Call to a door. I rush, I open. Another is on the threshold. That is it she, the girlfriend, but her was changed. It was painted to blonde. I, of course, had such depressed look that the girlfriend asked: “It is not pleasant to you?” I honestly answered: “Is not present. Absolutely”.

Yes, I was not right, so it is impossible to speak to women. It was necessary to represent joy, to tell that the image gained special piquancy, played a new side, began to sparkle special light … But I was unable to hide wild disappointment: the predator turned into the sitting duck.

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Get rid of cellulite with this 6 minute massage

The problem of cellulitis affects almost all women and a lot of us at some point the life faced this problem.

In fact, it is not a question of age and it is not necessarily connected with a weight problem. Many women and girls have very much complex about it and consider inconvenient to speak on this subject.

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top blonde cam girl

Q & A Session With Top Blonde Cam Girl Sabrina

It makes sense that one of the most popular cam models is a young twenty-something blonde. But that is not the only criteria that make someone popular. She also has to have a great body, beautiful face, and most of all, put on great shows. We did some research and found a girl that has all of these bases covered and is regarded as one of the best cam models in general. We sat down and asked her a couple of questions.

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blonde women

We clarify hair: 5 precepts of the blonde

Clever people are called by “lucid minds”. And if in addition platinum ringlets and attractive appearance are applied to this honorary title, we will receive the faultless blonde.

It is known that clarification – one of the most difficult hairdresser’s procedures. The slightest mistake – and from a mirror looks at you not a blond angel, but a disgusting chicken. To avoid disappointments and not to trifle time and means, note innovative technologies in coloring. The last development in this area – nacreous polish for blondes.

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My good friend redhead cam girl Kellia

It seems like true redhead teens are hard to come by these days and when you do find one, you should cherish her. Kellia is one of the best cam models we cam across in the last couple of months. She is 18 years old and has the most amazing ass. This pale redhead is new to the cam world, but already a ton of her followers rated her with 5 stars.

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blonde vs brunette

Blondes vs Brunettes, the difference!

War of blondes and brunettes will never end. But what is told by science about distinctions and features of fair-haired and dark-haired miracles?

The world is full of different stereotypes and in particular those that concern hair color at women. But we will not quote jokes and to dispel myths, and we will address results of scientific research and expert opinion. As it appeared, distinctions between blondes and brunettes much more, than you could think, and it is not only about a behavior manner, but also about features of health that is caused by genetics.

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