modern women

Picture of Modern Woman

Things are changing, and together with them also the image of the ideal woman changes. If earlier in a registry office conducted good hostesses, then on the first place absolutely other qualities now.

Modern residents of megalopolises do not hurry to marry – in the beginning they enjoy the free no strings attached relationships, then accumulate experience, live together. Perhaps, women are also glad to go to the aisle, but grooms delay this moment as long as possible.

The statistics shows that many of them for the first time get married being 35−37 years old. And they want to see near themselves not the just good hostess, the wife and mother. Requirements grew, and for a happy marriage of it it is already not enough.

Experience of the Relationships

Times when the man wanted to be the first and for the rest of life, passed. Now partners who already have an experience of the relations are interesting to him: a stamp in the passport or a civil marriage. Of course, this is not about those cases when the mature man marries the young person. And here if to the girl 35 years, and her still nobody suggested even to live together, it directs at reflections. So be not afraid to tell the elect about the life prior to a meeting with him (without unnecessary details). Of course, if it was not too rough, he will think you too thoughtless differently and will find someone more reliably.

Good Sense of Humor

The ironic relation to life – the devil men’s, but the more it is appreciated in women. Especially when on the horizon household difficulties or adultery appear. Moaning will not save the situation. But with the partner who will find something ridiculous in any situation or even good the man will feel more surely and will get rid of oppressive sense of guilt. But it does not mean that everything is indifferent for you. On the contrary, you are not afraid of difficulties, are sure of yourself and the partner (in any case, so will seem to him). So, with you it is quiet and reliable.

Taking Care Appearance

Not only millionaires, but also men of middle-income can look good at mature age now. The tightened figure and a noble gray hair give them a certain charm so there is always a chance to start a romance with the 20-year-old girl. That the partner did not leave to that, what is younger, it is just necessary to support itself in an excellent form. First, not to grow stout and be in a tone. You are not lazy to do exercises; you go to the gym. Secondly, look after your body. This is not about tens of plastic surgeries, rather just to look so that it was pleasant to look at you.


When at couple the general hobbies – it is fine, but it is even better if the woman has the sphere of interests. Sewing, cookery, equestrian sport or that the husband for certain was proud of you, something extreme like parachuting. The main thing – to derive pleasure from this hobby and to be fed with energy. Then with you it will be interesting to the man, he will be proud of your achievements.

The second important point – work. The woman who is completely depending on the husband gradually disappears as the phenomenon. The unemployed wife, be she the most beautiful woman on Earth, over time begins to irritate. Except those cases, when at couple three and more children, because education of children and housekeeping – full work and big work.


Happy marriage – not an occasion to forget about existence of other men. Of course, nobody forces you to bring the admirer, but it will be very useful to flirt, coquet, accept compliments. You should not forget how to communicate with men, practice intimate communication skills with people in Camlis chat rooms where girls and guys meet to sex chat with each other and avoid losing attractiveness for each other. Also do not consider that it is treason. You just awaken female essence. And it will do good to the matrimonial relations.


The woman can be proud and independent, but it should not prevent to care for the partner. Especially if you are not married, and in marriage there is a strong wish. If you live separately and just meet, once come to him on a visit with flowers, for example. The unostentatious gift will add to the apartment of a coziness. Or bring to him for work a tasty house lunch – believe, over time your man will understand that he already got used to this care. What with you to him is good, and with others – not really, and he will not want to refuse it. In the relations very important not only to accept, but also to give. Show that you are capable of care that you are present in his lives not only three times a week. The normal man can care for the woman. Care for him, and he will not want to leave.