change hair color

How my girl going from brunette to blonde changed my life

Once I had a drama. No, even tragedy.

I waited for the visit of the girlfriend. Dark-haired knave, lover of extreme love entertainments. Bought wine and any fruit. Washed up floors. Replaced bed linen.
Call to a door. I rush, I open. Another is on the threshold. That is it she, the girlfriend, but her was changed. It was painted to blonde. I, of course, had such depressed look that the girlfriend asked: “It is not pleasant to you?” I honestly answered: “Is not present. Absolutely”.

Yes, I was not right, so it is impossible to speak to women. It was necessary to represent joy, to tell that the image gained special piquancy, played a new side, began to sparkle special light … But I was unable to hide wild disappointment: the predator turned into the sitting duck.

I do not remember how we spent that evening, both had not intoxicated mood, sluggish, no madness’s happened. It seems, I even fell asleep before term.
I from those rare men that do not love blondes. That is not that I do not love at all. I have many familiar blondes, they are clever and good themselves, with them it is pleasant to be published, all approvingly nod, and men secretly wink. The blonde – a well-being symbol. When the blonde becomes a wife, it as in that old joke about “the new sugar daddy” – life was successful!

But I cannot perceive them seriously, it seems to me, they always slightly fool me. Always there is some dirty trick. With one blonde – natural! – I made friends during the trip to the Asian country. We came off all company, sat on the bank of the warm sea and kissed. And all events of this hot day conducted us to the fact that we will appear at night in one hotel room. And it happened. Only when I already left a bathroom and is graceful as the dancer Baryshnikov, slipped under a blanket, the blonde strictly told: “Any sex! Just we sleep!” Of course, I took it for a nice joke, but the blonde did not joke. She explained: “I marry soon”. Type is loyal. That is at once two boys were fooled that day. Well, I became angry and trudged to myself. To lie why the hell near the girl whom the whole day pressed to itself, feeling heart beat under a light sundress – and to do nothing? Here he and dirty trick.

I am more with blondes @-@! It is not my cup of tea.

But that after all blondes natural. Nature whim. And when dark brown-haired women or even brunettes are painted in a cynical blond – it is accident. White death. In most cases they look comically. As if the operetta wig was tried on. Therefore I was upset that old evening when I on a threshold saw the ridiculous blonde instead of the sexual brunette. I became the hero of a foolish draw.

There are, of course, options – all these highlighting, but such nuances are inaccessible to men. If the friend or the husband told nothing, so you as it should be, the master made everything thinly. But only without radical experiments, please. If there is a strong wish sharply to clarify something – paint a cat or walls.

Or if you decided to begin absolutely new life. “I left the grandmother, I left the grandfather …” The Classical example – the Madonna. Which primordially dark brown-haired woman. But having moved on pop scene of New York and having quarreled with the strict father, she became a blonde. What we fell in love with her.

… And that girlfriend, by the way, decided to remain a blonde: I met her a year later. But she did not find happiness in private life. The cause is only foolish hair color and anything else. Only color.