How girls expose self respect-less

The low self-esteem of the woman always plays with her a mean joke. Some constantly fight against complexes, others do not find happiness, constantly stumbling about depreciation of and the opportunities. The psychologist told how the woman shows that it agrees to disrespect herself.

She can attract men who do not appreciate women

The woman who does not appreciate herself will allow love interests to depreciate her. She can choose lovers who come and leave her life or will treat her carelessly, without respect. Because she wants love, she can sometimes give way to sexual harassments or agree to an accidental relationship, feeling that it is a way to find “love”. She can easily forgive all types of ill treatment or even violence, feeling the taken imagination about a nonexistent image of the lover who upon is other person.

Because she feels a deep wound inside and is eager for love, it does it vulnerable. Though the attention and charm can leave at her feeling that she met the man of the dream, these dreams can be destroyed when such love interest appears the abuser, the apostate, the tyrant or disappears for several weeks. As she hopes that the imagination is real, she often too easily forgives or shares the interests of the man. To begin to appreciate itself, it is necessary to be selective.

She is afraid “to shake the boat”

Women who do not appreciate themselves can be afraid to shake the boat in the relationship. Because of it they can is not able to stand adequately for themselves, when necessary, or to resist to situations face to face. Using an example of where the man enters and leaves her life, it can even not ask it where it was or why it disappeared, being afraid that it can force it to want a distance again. Unfortunately, the behavior she shows others that they can do with her everything that want. Whatever offensive or humiliating their actions would be, she will always be near. Such woman does not expect that will treat her better, and is content with she will get what. To overcome this dynamic, it should stand for itself.

She underestimates the man’s level because is afraid to feel below him

To the woman who does not appreciate herself, can be difficult to present herself with the man who is devoted to the business and is successful in life and a relationship. The thought of an appointment with such man can cause fear. If such woman plunged into this fear more deeply, she could find out that it is fear to feel defective in comparison with such man who, according to her, more likely will reject her. To the woman who does not appreciate herself, can be easier to enter a relationship with the man whom she considers defective or who cannot or will not undertake the obligation. The unemployed drinking even prisoners – widespread interests at quite self-sufficient, beautiful women, unfortunately. Meetings with such men raise its self-assessment. It is because she can idealize that she plays a role of the rescuer. When such men refuse to change the way of life, she can feel the victim, accusing such men of disappointment which she feels. This dynamic is unhealthy because it feeds imagination that one person in a relationship is higher, and another – below. The woman in such relationship can switch between feeling of the inferiority in comparison with the man who will not change for her, and at the same time superiority over it.