blonde girl with insecure boyfriend

7 things which are demanded only by insecure men

The standard idea of the ideal partner is a charismatic man, clever, self-sufficient, with sense of humor and surely self-assured. Many women idealize the men and when face their personal uncertainty, plunge into full disappointment from the partner. Sometimes the male uncertainty comes so far that does life of the woman just intolerable near such partner.

What signs of the insecure men can woman notice?

1. Report on SMS correspondences and social networks

In this case total control of any your actions in life online. Likes, messages, connection to network – all this creates reasons for a showdown. The man provokes you to that you justified yourselves and proved him fidelity and devotion. And even in the next trials he unconsciously receives an additional portion of attention from you.

2. The report on brightness of the experienced emotions

Infinite confirmation of sincerity of your feelings is required. Kind of you were close, the insecure man will begin to find out again and again: “When you will leave me?”, “And whether you will leave me soon?”, whether “You love me?”. “I feel that you do not love me!” – such provocations confuse the woman. On the one hand, she proves the love again and again, and on the other hand, already feels irritation to all events.

3. Report on interaction with colleagues

It is a special form of control over your life. Your communication at work constantly forces him to think of you badly. Even if you never gave him on it an occasion. The insecure man in each your colleague will see a reason for jealousy and yours “skillful lies”.

4. Report on income and expenses

In this case the insecure man tries to limit your freedom in any ways. And your financial independence is not supposed him at all. One business if you do not work and you are on full contents at your partner. Other, more hard case – where you provide yourself, and your insecure man nearby constantly tries to control and send you to “prudence with handling of money”.

5. Report on the former relationship

In this case the insecure man tries to find and anticipate all possible potential difficulties with you. To find out your irreconcilable contradictions and to define your personal psychological borders. Therefore, excessive complaints to former induce to draw your insecure man a conclusion that it is possible to treat you also badly. Be careful in the confessions about former. The simplest way – the neutral and unemotional relation to the past, with statement of the unemotional facts of your biography. No more. And it is best not to mention excessive requirements.

6. Report on future vital plans

The insecure man tries to understand degree of yours to him attachment and the involvement. And constantly finds out your vital plans and strategy. Whether you plan pregnancy? Whether are ready to resolve a joint housing issue, to unite the capital or a mortgage with debts? When and how you plan to raise children? Million questions of the future which demands your indisputable participation and inclusion in a situation just a moment. That is you do not live quietly in the present, and constantly report on that, as well as what will be farther. 

7. Report on a hobby, interests and personal pastime, with movements

Did you reach before work, left from it whether got into the subway with someone you say why so long? And why to your fitness and yoga? “And for what to you a new skirt?” and “Why to go to the cosmetologist if at you so everything is fine?”. And “Your psychologist teaches you to nonsense and live already the head!” – such statements the insecure man tries to control all your interaction with the outside world. Also, it is desirable to deprive of you this world, then to it will become quieter. And you will be predictable and clear. And will operate you more simply if only not to be engaged in the diffidence.