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Q & A Session With Top Blonde Cam Girl Sabrina

It makes sense that one of the most popular cam models is a young twenty-something blonde. But that is not the only criteria that make someone popular. She also has to have a great body, beautiful face, and most of all, put on great shows. We did some research and found a girl that has all of these bases covered and is regarded as one of the best cam models in general. We sat down and asked her a couple of questions.

So here you go ladies and gentleman, top blonde cam girl Sabrina and Q &  A session with her offers us some interesting information about one of the most successful cam girls out there.

Q: At such a young age, how come you are one of the most popular cam models out there?


A: Ha ha ha ha, it is quite obvious and you said it yourself: I’m young. Most of the viewers like the fact that I’m young. But it’s not just that. You see, usually, girls start doing live cam shows around 18 or 19. But at that age, models lack experience and tend to mess up a bit. But after a couple of years in the live cam business, you learn a few tricks and actually start enjoying what you do even more. And that lasts till about 25-26. Then, from what I heard, you start to enjoy it less and less and finish this career eventually.

Q: Where can we find you streaming live?

A: Usually I perform on multiple sites, but as not all of them have specific category of blonde girls I usually go live at my favorite spot, it’s called FullOfGirls and you can chat with me in this blonde cam girls list if I’m online. And the number of sites I go online depends on how busy I’m and how many fans are online the moment I go to chat room. Sometimes I’m working on single site only and sometimes this number is increasing to up to 5 sites. As I’m pretty popular now, I don’t stream on tipping sites. I have a regular fan base and most of my live time is spent in private with my fans.

Q: So why did you get into this line of business in the first place?

A: Going way back to my pre-pubescent years, I was a dancer. And the thing I realized just recently is that I wasn’t into dancing as much as I was into the attention it got me. And this might be another shocker as well, but I was a late bloomer. I was still flat as a board when I was 17, and while my friends were out “trying” to keep the guys out of their bra’s, I was kinda depressed to be missing out on all of that attention. After I turned 18, my chest filled up, the attention ramped up and that’s when it all began. I started as a model first among other cam girls, then a couple of feature videos, and now I am the queen of cam shows.

Q: You say you are the queen of live shows. Is that a real thing?

A: Pffff, God no! I just joke around because a couple of my friends have always called me a queen of drama, so when I found out that I got featured as one of the most popular models, I turned it around and became the queen of cam shows. Lol. But seriously, I am flattered and very appreciative of the attention I got. I don’t need any rewards, the fact that I do what I like and get to cum every day is good enough for me.