Get rid of cellulite with this 6 minute massage

The problem of cellulitis affects almost all women and a lot of us at some point the life faced this problem.

In fact, it is not a question of age and it is not necessarily connected with a weight problem. Many women and girls have very much complex about it and consider inconvenient to speak on this subject.

But there is no need to show excessive concern about it, cellulitis not a problem, but its consequence. There are various solutions of this problem and today without effort it is possible to find effective remedies and methods which will help to improve considerably a type of skin and to make cellulitis less noticeable.

It is necessary to understand, the quicker to begin to work, the quicker it is possible to get rid of this problem. At the correct leaving skin can become more smooth, emergence of wrinkles is prevented and cellulitis disappears.

For removal of the become lifeless cells of skin and fight against cellulitis one of the best decisions, undoubtedly, is massage. For achievement of optimum effect, massage has to last from 6 to 15 minutes a day or it is possible to use anti-cellulite cream cream which will help to restore and keep body youth and also will eliminate symptoms of cellulitis.

It is necessary to begin massage from below and to move ahead gradually to top.

Begin with legs

Sitting on a floor, legs are bent, we begin from an ankle to a knee, we massage with circular motions (2 min. on both legs).

The leg is put on an opposite leg and we begin to do by fingers of hands massage, pressing leg inside, taking detours (1 min. for each leg).


Standing, to put hands on knees and to press skin, moving ahead to a groin up. Then begin massage by skin procrastination with hands. The method consists in skin latching, taking 2 or 3 cm of skin on outer side of a hip and to pass to a hip (1 min. from each party).


To lay down and relax, put palms on a stomach, to do circular motions clockwise (1 min.).

This reception leads to increase in a tone of muscles and total disappearance of the small centers of cellulitis.


For inside of hands.

It is strong to take skin a hand (skin has to be between a thumb and 4 others) and to start smoothing.

Be not overzealous, otherwise on skin bruises and bruises can be formed.