blonde vs brunette

Blondes vs Brunettes, the difference!

War of blondes and brunettes will never end. But what is told by science about distinctions and features of fair-haired and dark-haired miracles?

The world is full of different stereotypes and in particular those that concern hair color at women. But we will not quote jokes and to dispel myths, and we will address results of scientific research and expert opinion. As it appeared, distinctions between blondes and brunettes much more, than you could think, and it is not only about a behavior manner, but also about features of health that is caused by genetics.

Influence of stereotypes

The fact that stereotypes still exist in public consciousness was proved by the British scientists from University of Westminster. They made an experiment in which the same girl went to night clubs in an image of the blonde, of the brunette and is more red, and after visitors of bar interviewed what impression she made on them. Visitors noted that the blonde draws more attention to herself, red makes an impression of temperamental nature, and the brunette was recognized as the most attractive. And besides, the brunette, according to respondents, was estimated as the owner of more high intelligence. Similar data were obtained in one research conducted in Great Britain by the dating site Badoo. They interviewed men regarding what hair color of women is most attractive. Except hair color, such parameters as color of eyes and clothing size appeared in poll. Results of poll on the scheme.

Hair color and material

As a result of survey of 6000 people conducted by Garnier among both men, and women, it is revealed that brunettes have more chances to find work with a monthly salary more than 100 thousand rubles in comparison with the fair-haired and red-haired colleagues. 75% of respondents consider that brunettes cleverer, and 71% chose the dark-haired girl as the partner in business. Respondents consider that at brunettes the self-respect is better developed that gives them the chance to be successful both at work, and in love. But blondes are more often estimated as younger and having good health. Besides, blond beauties marry wealthy men more often.


Certainly, the hair color exerts a certain impact on his owner though hardly it has under itself genetic justification. “In my opinion, psychological distinctions between brunettes and blondes exist only in the form of social stereotypes. For the rest distinctions are caused by temperament and features of education in a family, but not hair color – Kaminat KASIMOVA, the psychologist of the European center of esthetic medicine and weight reduction considers. – It is possible to assume that stereotypes concerning hair color are caused by that proof, hair of blondes more fluffy, soft and easy. Brunettes have hair rather rigid, stubborn and often disobedient. As a result, from girls with this or that hair color we subconsciously wait for the corresponding behavior”.

Genetics and health

The hair color is more dark, the it is more than prepotent genes. At blondes recessive genes prevail.


“Analytical approach and self-control is characteristic of fair-haired. They poorly develop a pigment melanin therefore they hardly sunbathe and possess the lowered pain threshold. Blondes are inclined to diseases of nervous system and a stomach in connection with the increased acidity” – Lyudmila TEREBNEVA, the obstetrician-gynecologist, the graduate student of RMAPO department explains.


“At dark-haired an unstable hormonal background. People with black hair color are subject to deep experiences – Lyudmila Terebneva says. – Their internal tension demands an emotional discharge. From here and explosive temperament. Also it is considered that the smaller dosage of drugs is necessary for brunettes for achievement of medical effect”.

Tendency to corpulence

In food questions hormones are of great importance. To brunettes tends to have higher level of testosterone, and to blondes – estrogen.


“The majority are inclined to completeness because of the increased content of estrogen. Also blondes have diseases of a liver, intestines and biliary tract much more often. Thus, their diet has to differ in the lowered content of fats, and also the diet with enough protein, cellulose, vitamins and vegetable antioxidants is shown. As specific nutritional supplements soy flavonida are recommended. The refusal of smoking, excess of alcohol is obligatory. Moderate physical activities are recommended”.


“The problems connected with the increased testosterone level are characteristic of them namely: increase in indumentum on a face and a body, and also acquisition of men’s outlines of a female body – Tatyana Bogdanova explains. – Level of testosterone can be reduced, adhering to a certain diet. Consumption of such products as soy, vegetable oil, cream and milk of high fat content, vegetables, potatoes, meat, white barmy loaf, sugar (juice or honey), salt (3 grams a day will approach) is recommended”.

Choice of the partner

What partner should be chosen to the blonde and the brunette to keep strengths of the personality in posterity and to minimize weak?


“At many men the image of blond girls is associated with sexy and trustful Marilyn Monroe – Lyudmila Terebneva says. – And actually the strong personality who is not deprived of arrogance often is behind it. And real the big percent of stains has a talk with blondes such discrepancy of expected. They should not get married to very fair-haired men since at children a number of the genetic diseases connected with formation of recessive genes can be shown”.


Dark-haired beauties often choose men with the stunning expression. And men in this case should not treat brunettes as to a noncommittal adventure. It is better “to dilute” “quick-tempered” genes of brunettes with genes of lovely brown-haired persons.